Nuance Announces the General Availability of Dragon Ambient eXperience Copilot to Further Improve Healthcare Experiences, Outcomes, and Efficiency

Based on Nuance's Dragon Medical platform already used by over 550,000 physicians, DAX Copilot leverages conversational, ambient, and generative AI to further the company's position in delivering market leading AI-powered solutions for healthcare and life sciences

BURLINGTON, Mass., Sept. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Nuance Communications, Inc., a Microsoft Company, today announced the general availability of Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX™) Copilot, formerly known as DAX Express. Serving as an AI copilot for automated clinical documentation, the application uses conversational, ambient, and generative AI to enable more physicians to significantly streamline the creation of medical documentation, improving clinical efficiency, reducing burnout, and freeing their time to focus on delivering high-quality care. 

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Morgan Stanley predicts AI investment in healthcare will jump to nearly 11% in 2024, compared to 5.7% in 2022. U.S. health systems are rapidly turning to AI-powered solutions to improve clinical efficiency and alleviate clinician burnout caused by heavy administrative workloads. According to a recent Medscape survey, the number of physicians reporting feelings of burnout rose to 53% in 2023, up from 42% in 2018. DAX Copilot automatically and securely creates draft clinical summaries of exam room or telehealth conversations in seconds for immediate physician review and entry in the electronic health record (EHR) system. Amplified by the power and scale of the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, DAX Copilot combines Nuance's proven conversational and ambient AI with the newest and most capable generative AI model to improve clinical efficiency and enable clinicians to spend more time caring for patients.

"Over the past four years, Microsoft has worked with partners like OpenAI to hone the power of generative AI to improve outcomes and experiences for all users. As a result, Microsoft is heralding a new and exciting era of AI-powered copilots to assist humans across industries, including doctors and nurses, with complex cognitive tasks," said Diana Nole, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Healthcare at Nuance, a Microsoft company. "Healthcare is one of the biggest areas of potential for copilots given the tremendous administrative burden placed on clinicians and other medical staff. Taking a responsible approach to AI that centers around unparalleled collaboration with the world's top AI researchers and access to a trusted infrastructure and global platform, Nuance is arming healthcare providers with a trusted copilot that enables them with more time to take care of their patients."

Nuance has decades of experience developing AI-powered healthcare solutions used by hundreds of thousands of clinicians that are proven to consistently deliver value and outcomes for physicians, nurses, radiologists, and patients. Nuance has long been at the forefront of innovating conversational and ambient AI in healthcare – most notably with Dragon Medical One and most recently with DAX – and for years has leveraged expertise in large language models, natural language processing, and clinical workflows and needs to deliver refined, trusted AI solutions around the globe.

Dragon Medical One is a Best in KLAS three years running cloud-based speech recognition solution that acts as a workflow assistant and documentation companion to document clinical visits in the EHR. Dragon Medical One, used by more than 550,000 users worldwide, provides clinicians with the ability to use their voices to capture the patient story efficiently and securely, more naturally navigate key clinical systems, and easily access information to facilitate patient care. It is known for its accuracy, reliability, and tight integration with the EHR.

DAX Copilot is part of the larger Nuance Dragon family of solutions, which are currently deployed across hundreds of healthcare organizations and used by thousands of clinicians, resulting in a 70% reduction in feelings of burnout and fatigue, 50% less time spent on documentation, 7 minutes saved per encounter, and 5 additional appointments added on average per clinic day. DAX Copilot provides an immediate and highly accessible entry point for healthcare organizations to adopt at scale a new generation of AI-powered clinical documentation applications, leveraging their existing investments in the trusted Nuance Dragon Medical platform. Clinicians using DAX Copilot in a private preview have reported that it has helped them achieve a better work-life balance, higher job satisfaction, more focused, personable, and conversational patient visits, and reduced feelings of burnout and cognitive load. In a survey of clinicians using DAX Copilot, almost three-quarters say that it has led to a better experience providing care, and 96% agree it is easy to use.

For more information about Nuance DAX Copilot, please visit: To see DAX Copilot in action, or to learn more about Nuance, connect with us at HLTH, October 8-11 in Las Vegas.

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Nuance Announces the General Availability of Dragon Ambient eXperience Copilot to Further Improve Healthcare Experiences, Outcomes, and Efficiency

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