Nuance Expands Dragon Medical One Availability through the Microsoft Marketplace to Reduce Clinician Burnout

BURLINGTON, Mass., July 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Nuance Communications today announced availability of the Nuance Dragon Medical One clinical documentation software through the Microsoft Marketplace and partner ecosystem. Nuance Dragon Medical One's AI-powered capabilities streamline documentation workflow, improve patient care, and reduce administrative burdens that lead to burnout.

U.S. government agencies, including the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Office of the Surgeon General, report that burnout caused by increasing amounts of electronic paperwork is driving nearly a third of physicians, nurses, and other frontline healthcare workers to consider leaving the profession. Doctors often spend two hours entering clinical notes and diagnostic and billing codes for every hour they spend with patients.

Nuance Dragon Medical One combines advanced speech recognition with voice-enabled workflow capabilities that reduce clicks and time-consuming, repetitive tasks. The solution helps to capture clinical documentation up to five times faster than typing with 99% accuracy. Trusted by over 550,000 physicians, Nuance Dragon Medical is a proven solution for enhancing clinical documentation and improving the patient-provider experience.

"Nuance Dragon Medical One improves our clinicians' efficiency by allowing them to create comprehensive, accurate notes simply by speaking," said Haleem Mohammed, Regional Medical Director at Leon Medical Centers in Miami, Florida. "Our clinicians universally report high levels of satisfaction with Dragon Medical One which allows them to provide the best care possible while helping to ensure their own well-being."

Dave Philistin, CEO of Candor, a partner providing innovative cloud services and solutions said, "Dragon Medical One is a great fit with our Azure-based healthcare cloud solutions. Combining our medical market experience and managed service expertise with Nuance's conversational AI technology and Microsoft's secure healthcare cloud platform enables us to expand and accelerate delivery of the proven and innovative solutions that clinicians urgently need."

"The availability of Nuance Dragon Medical One through the Microsoft Marketplace helps to address the pressing issue of physician burnout on a broader scale and presents Microsoft partners with opportunities to add advanced conversational AI capabilities to the solutions they provide for healthcare professionals," said Diana Nole, executive vice president, and general manager of the Nuance healthcare division. "This expanded availability helps us reach more clinicians and medical practices with a proven, market-leading solution that eases the burdens of clinical documentation while helping to improve patient experiences and outcomes."

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