The Academy and Nuance, a Microsoft Company, Partner to Launch The AI Collaborative

The AI Collaborative brings together Leading Health System executives in an experiential community around the efficient, responsible, and future-focused deployment of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

BURLINGTON, Mass., May 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The growth of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in healthcare points to a future in which these technologies will consistently aid clinical decision-making, workforce support and planning, patient experience, and overall business strategy. With the goal of creating a novel initiative around market forces and breakthrough innovations for AI and ML, The Health Management Academy (The Academy) has partnered with Nuance, a Microsoft company, to launch The AI Collaborative, which brings together senior leaders from the nation's Leading Health Systems (LHS) who are deploying these technologies in the clinical and operational settings, as well as planning for future use-cases.

Having joined forces this year, Microsoft and Nuance represent two of the most trusted and innovative technology organizations in the world. With decades of experience bringing cutting-edge cloud and AI technology to the healthcare, retail, financial services and telecommunications industries, Nuance and Microsoft are ideal partners in the effort to create a progressive peer community anchored in collaboration with key LHS executives and experts across the healthcare ecosystem.

The potential for AI in healthcare is clear across LHS in The Academy network, many of whom have already begun investing in AI-powered solutions. This investment has elevated the need for regular touchpoints with peers across the nation to share questions, successes, and challenges in real time. The AI Collaborative will commence in September 2022 and will include a visit to Microsoft's corporate headquarters and annual summits in subsequent years. These events will include key stakeholders across LHS leadership teams embedded in analytics, digital strategy, and clinical transformation, along with subject-matter experts from the med-tech, payer, and life sciences sectors.

Learning opportunities at The AI Collaborative Summits will anchor around stakeholders who are deeply committed to embracing AI as a transformative and disruptive tool in healthcare. Via workshops, learning exercises, and instant insights generation, The AI Collaborative Summits will empower attendees with tactical strategies to utilize patient-specific data and insights to augment care delivery, reduce care variation, and support operational improvements.

"Our members have expressed their desire for a dedicated space to explore AI in healthcare and its enormous potential to improve outcomes and clinical workflow," said Renee DeSilva, CEO of The Academy. "We are thrilled to expand our partnership with Microsoft and Nuance to introduce The AI Collaborative, a new program at The Academy designed exclusively for clinical and operational executives who lead their organization's approach to investing in AI as a strategic initiative."

Nuance is a technology pioneer with market leadership in conversational AI and ambient intelligence, and a full-service partner of 77 percent of U.S. hospitals and trusted by over 500,000 physicians daily. Microsoft provides trusted and secure cloud and AI capabilities with the goal to empower people and organizations to address the complex challenges facing the healthcare industry today.

With a long-term commitment to leveraging cloud and AI technologies to enhance patient engagement and outcomes, reduce clinician burnout, improve clinical quality and safety, and enhance financial performance, Nuance and Microsoft are leaders in the future-focused healthcare ecosystem and well-equipped to ensure The AI Collaborative members are at the front-end of education and learning on the evolution of AI in healthcare.

"The key to successful healthcare innovation using AI is understanding at a deep level the problems that you're trying to solve and focusing on the outcomes you want to achieve," said Peter Durlach, Chief Strategy Officer of Nuance. "With the combined engineering, market and domain expertise of Nuance and Microsoft, The AI Collaborative can bring together multiple technical, business and clinical stakeholders to prioritize deployment of solutions for clinician burnout, patient engagement and health system financial stability, while accelerating innovation in precision medicine, drug discovery, clinical decision support and other promising use cases across the entire healthcare ecosystem."

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Nuance Communications is a technology pioneer with market leadership in conversational AI and ambient intelligence. A full-service partner trusted by 77 percent of U.S. hospitals and 85 percent of the Fortune 100 companies worldwide, Nuance creates intuitive solutions that amplify people's ability to help others. Nuance is a Microsoft company. 

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