Nuance Integrates Radiology Data Interoperability Standards into PowerScribe One to Improve Patient and Provider Experiences
Collaboration with the Radiological Society of North America and American College of Radiology to demonstrate Common Data Elements support at the RSNA annual meeting

BURLINGTON, Mass., Nov. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Nuance Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: NUAN) today announced the company has integrated the Common Data Elements (CDE) Steering Subcommittee interoperability standards into Nuance® PowerScribe One™ to generate and share actionable radiology reporting data that improve patient and provider experiences. Working closely with the CDE Steering Subcommittee, a joint team of informatics experts from the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) and the American College of Radiologists (ACR), Nuance has integrated the standardized data element names and attributes to support clinical and translational research, patient care, and performance improvements in diagnostic and interventional radiology.

"Collaborating with Nuance and other leading solutions vendors will accelerate the adoption of CDE and help radiologists turn the wealth of information contained in radiology reports into actionable data. This has the power to meaningfully improve patient and financial outcomes, and transform the practice of radiology," said Marc Kohli, MD, associate professor, associate chair of clinical informatics at the University of California, San Francisco, and the RSNA co-chair of the CDE Steering Subcommittee initiative. "Nuance is an important partner in the CDE project and in bringing the capabilities and benefits of the standard to radiologists quickly and effectively."

The CDE interoperability standards define terms, data types, allowable values, and other attributes commonly used in radiology reports to standardize the reporting of findings such as anatomic location, shape, and dimensions. Integrating the CDE interoperability standards within cloud-based PowerScribe One allows radiologists to automatically extract actionable, structured clinical data in real-time while dictating findings and recommendations. Data can then be shared seamlessly across disparate picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), electronic health records (EHR), and other downstream systems to trigger appropriate clinical actions.

"Now is the time to get past the limitations of text-based radiology reporting, empower radiologists with data-driven solutions, realize the full clinical potential of radiology findings, and enable the seamless flow of information across care teams," said Tarik Alkasab, MD, PhD, Diagnostic Radiology Specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital. "We have been collaborating with Nuance and the RSNA on the practical implementation of CDE for several years. The fact that PowerScribe One is facilitating the move to the next generation of data-oriented radiology and enabling us to deliver more information to our referring providers and thus better care to our patients is really exciting."

By integrating CDE standards support into PowerScribe One, Nuance customers will realize many benefits including:

  • Reduced radiologist burnout and higher provider satisfaction by replacing manual searches for and re-entry of data contained in previous radiology reports or in other systems with automatic inclusion of data into appropriate areas of a report template.
  • Improved report consistency and communication of follow-up recommendations with context-aware, workflow-integrated presentation of evidence-based clinical decision support information.
  • More timely and effective care team coordination by streamlining communication of radiology data and findings between clinicians using radiology, EHR, and other computer systems.
  • Synchronized, real-time, two-way data sharing between PowerScribe One and disparate PACS, image viewer, EHR, and other third-party systems and solutions available through the Nuance AI Marketplace.
  • Data-driven improvements in radiology workflow efficiency and utilization as healthcare systems mitigate the effects of delayed patient care during the pandemic.
  • Reduced incidence of failed follow-up exams through automated tracking of compliance with follow-up recommendations for earlier detection and treatment of disease resulting in better patient prognosis.
  • Workflow optimization, triage-based prioritization of time-sensitive cases through data-driven, real-time access to AI models on the Nuance AI Marketplace.
  • Increased availability of high-quality data for AI model development and analytics across healthcare organizations to power new, breakthrough applications in primary care, patient outreach and population health, and other clinical areas.

"Working with the RSNA, ACR, and radiologists across the country to integrate the CDE standard into PowerScribe One has been a significant part of our radiology solutions roadmap," said Karen Holzberger, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Diagnostic Division at Nuance. "We are building on years of development and hard work by the RSNA, ACR, and on our own ambient, conversational, and cognitive AI innovations to turn the vision for the data-driven transformation of radiology into a reality – and ultimately improve patient care, reduce radiologist burnout and enhance financial outcomes for our customers."

Nuance PowerScribe One is the nexus of an integrated, cloud-powered diagnostic radiology ecosystem that includes the Nuance PowerShare radiology image-sharing and teleradiology network, the Nuance AI Marketplace for workflow-integrated access to AI models for radiology, and mPower Clinical Analytics.

Nuance will demonstrate the power of PowerScribe One and the "Radiology Experience of the Future" during the virtual 2020 RSNA Annual Meeting from November 29 to December 5. To learn more about the PowerScribe One, click here.

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