Nuance Dragon Medical One Platform launches with secure connection to NHS National Broadband Network, Delivering Secure, Cloud-based Speech Recognition to make Clinical Documentation easier and more effective
Bringing artificial intelligence powered solutions spanning platforms, devices and physical locations to clinicians on-the-go

LONDON, Thursday 24th May, 2018 – Nuance Communications, Inc. announced today that its universal cloud-based speech recognition platform, Dragon® Medical One, is now available in the UK and securely connected into the National Health Service (NHS) England national broadband network.

Delivered securely via the cloud, Nuance Dragon® Medical One can be deployed quickly and easily, can be scaled and adapted to the changing needs and innovations of the healthcare organisation and will reduce the workload on in-house IT resources. Dragon® Medical One data security and service availability are extremely important. Meeting comprehensive data security standards, Nuance has partnered with Microsoft Azure UK to hosts its UK Cloud Services; highly available and secure 24x7.


The availability of Nuance Dragon® Medical One aligns with the accelerating1 shift to cloud-based services in the NHS.  Recent guidance from NHS Digital also provides healthcare organisations with the reassurance to assess and invest in cloud-based services.

“Expanding the Dragon® Medical One cloud-based franchise worldwide - starting in the UK - and doing so with our EPR partners, will no doubt accelerate the adoption of this technology to help physicians save time and the NHS and the patients save costs through more timely access to their health records”, said Michael Clark, Sr. Vice President, General Manager, Provider Solutions with Nuance. “Moreover, the lessons we’ve learned in driving Dragon® Medical One adoption now serving 100,000+ providers in the US will be deployed in the UK to accelerate time and cost savings.”

For clinicians, AI-powered Dragon® Medical One provides a personalised experience, supports the ways clinicians work on-the-go and eases the effort of entering clinical documentation into patient records where documentation workflows are increasingly split between the desktop, mobile devices, and new tools outside the electronic patient record (EPR). The Nuance Dragon® Medical One desktop app provides secure, highly accurate and portable cloud-based speech recognition wherever and whenever clinicians need to document – regardless of application, device or physical location, using personalised tools designed for speed, accuracy and flexibility across the widest range of devices in the industry.

“Clinicians are incredibly busy, and their top priority is always patient care. Documentation is vitally important in tracking any patients journey through the care system including results, actions and critical details of their medical history, but it is time consuming to complete. Clinicians spend up to half their day interacting with clinical documentation, and 88 percent report that they are burnt out, citing documentation burdens as a top concern,” said Frederik Brabant, Vice President International Healthcare Operations, Nuance. “Dragon® Medical One helps clinical users reduce the time it takes to document patient care, boosts the accuracy of recorded data and frees clinicians to get back to what they love – caring for their patients. With the assurance that we have been approved to connect securely to the NHS national broadband network means that clinical users will now be able to record and share information within their own and partner organisations more reliably, flexibly and efficiently than ever before.”

Other highlights of the Dragon® Medical One platform include:

AI-Powered/Deep learning – ensures precise, accurate, speech recognition adapting to voice patterns, dialects and accents to significantly improve precision during the dictation even in noisy clinic environments.

Insights –measures the time spent documenting and provides individual and organisational insights.  Now leaders can track utilisation, efficiency and productivity to support informed decision making to maximise uptake and adoption.

Security – Nuance healthcare compliant and NHS England Broadband Network Certified cloud hosting infrastructure supports the availability, business continuity and security demands of UK healthcare.

Compatibility - As part of the Nuance Healthcare cloud platform, Dragon Medical One is compatible with all leading EPRs providing a seamless experience for clinicians using hosted EPR environments.

Flexibility - Enables clinicians to use their smartphone as a secure wireless dictation microphone to dictate, edit and navigate the EPR on any workstation to improve flexibility and convenience.


Dragon Medical One is available now in the UK and connected to the NHS England broadband secure network. Visit the Dragon Medical One web page and UK Cloud Services Datasheet for more information or to schedule a demo.


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1 Infrastructure Market Snapshot Report, Digital Health Intelligence, January 2018


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