Nuance Nina Brings Message-Based Customer Service to SMS, Enterprise Mobile and Popular Messaging Apps
Nina, the Virtual Assistant for Customer Service, Enables Design Once and Deploy Across IVR, Mobile, Web and Messaging Channels

Washington, D.C. – SPEECHTEK – May 23, 2016 – Nuance Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: NUAN) today announced Nina for Messaging, which enables enterprises to engage their customers via intelligent, two-way messaging on mobile devices. Tapping into Nuance’s proven natural language understand (NLU) and conversational technologies, Nina for Messaging lowers the investment and time risk for enterprises seeking to offer exceptional customer service via conversational messaging interfaces within native mobile apps, through text messaging and in messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger™. For the consumer, this means simply sending a message to intuitively find answers, seek resolution for complex problems, and make purchases with the companies with whom they do business.

Nina leverages Nuance’s unparalleled technology leadership and expertise in voice, NLU, conversational dialogue and advanced resolution techniques to deliver a compelling, multi-channel, automated customer service experience for the consumer and the enterprise. Already used by large organizations around the globe, Nina consistently delivers both a superior customer experience and tangible business results. Today, with the introduction of Nina for Messaging, Nuance is expanding the conversational customer experience with the following capabilities:

  • In-app messaging in native mobile applications – Adds an intelligent conversational interface to existing mobile applications, allowing users to easily find information or complete tasks. Consumers interact with the app by speaking or typing and engage in an automated two-way dialog that is intelligent and intuitive
  • Two-way text messaging over SMS – Adds an intelligent conversational interface to the popular text (SMS) messaging channel, removing the constraints of traditional automated text dialog. Allows a consumer to initiate customer service conversations by texting 1-800 numbers or respond to company initiated dialogs naturally, as if they were conversing with a live agent. From answering questions to confirming upcoming appointments, conversational text enables fundamental customer service transactions to occur anytime, anywhere.
  • Messaging with chatbots – Will add an intelligent conversational interface to messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger™, allowing businesses to leverage these popular communication channels to provide customer service.

To see how Nina’s two-way text messaging over SMS works, click here.

Offering an effortless automated self-service experience via messaging allows Enterprises to reduce their operating costs while simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction and reinforcing their reputation for innovation. Additionally, Nina’s unified tooling and a common multichannel platform enable a write-once, deploy anywhere approach whereby companies can easily and cost-effectively extend their investment in intelligent self-service to multiple channels and benefit from offering a consistent consumer experience across them all without implementing and maintaining a number of one-off integrations. While beneficial to the enterprise, Nina for Messaging benefits the consumer as well by providing a more conversational interaction that is intuitive and efficient, much like engaging with a human agent.

“Bots are set to be the fastest growing segment in the Intelligent Assistance arena,” explained Dan Miller, Lead Analyst at Opus Research. “Nuance’s Nina for Messaging brings virtual assistants into multiple customer care communication paths by enabling companies to offer their customers and prospects a consistent experience through text-based channels that include SMS, social messaging and from inside mobile apps.”

“More than four years ago, Nuance Nina was the first virtual assistant for customer service to span speech and text capabilities across web and mobile channels. In that time, a growing number of organizations around the world have proven that Nina elevates customer service experiences through its intelligent self-service capabilities,” said Robert Weideman, executive vice president and general manager, Enterprise Division, Nuance Communications. “Nina has become the state of the art for enterprise virtual assistants, providing organizations with highly intelligent natural language capabilities, which results in very high levels of first-contact resolution and improvements in net promoter scores. The Nina for Messaging extension expands the value of Nina in a unique way by allowing organizations to design one VA and deliver conversational, automated customer service across Web, mobile – and now SMS, in-app messaging and leading global messaging platforms.”

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