Global Bilgi and Nuance Power Turkcell’s Voice Signature Service
Nuance’s Voice Biometric Solutions Help Reduce Caller Communication Time, Make Transactions More Secure

BURLINGTON, Mass., – April 6, 2011 - Nuance Communications, a leading provider of speech solutions, today announced that its advanced voice biometrics product VocalPassword is being used in Global Bilgi’s ‘Voice Signature’ service for Turkcell, a leading mobile operator in Turkey.


Nuance’s VocalPassword delivers automated remote verification based on individual voices for Global Bilgi’s voice signature service and can handle millions of voiceprints helping to address the security demands of a leading telecom service provider as Turkcell. The service allows Turkcell subscribers to use the personal biometric characteristics of their voice to conduct transactions easily and safely by phone. The identification approval is done automatically and therefore reducing the communication period by 20 seconds for individual subscribers and 40 seconds for corporate subscribers.


“Given that VocalPassword so accurately captures the complex voice characteristics of each enrolled individual, our voice prints are infinitely more secure tokens than a credit card number or a PIN. Voice is also the only biometric that can be verified remotely over any phone, making it the most convenient biometric to use,” said Dan Faulkner, vice president, product management and marketing at Nuance Communications. “We are very pleased by the success of Turkcell’s service, it clearly helps them to make identification and verification more convenient, faster and more secure for their customers.”


Fahri Arkan, assistant general manager of information technologies at Turkcell Global Bilgi, says: “As a pioneer service in Turkey, we first launched this system for a limited number of subscribers, but it attracted more attention than we had expected and reached 2 million users in a short time. Customers like the very simple and fast authentication process of only 5 seconds.”


Tarkan Ersubaşı, Speechouse CEO, states: “With ‘Voice Signature’ we present an innovative authentication system that Turkcell customers can easily adopt. We are happy about the increased customer satisfaction and will continue to add speed and value to the processes of our business partners.”


Nuance has a long standing relationship with both Speechouse, Nuance’s professional services partner, and Global Bilgi to deploy speech solutions in Turkey. Already in 2009 Turkcell offered the first fully speech-enabled service in Turkey to provide a new payment system making transactions faster, more convenient and efficient for their customer. That new service offered Turkcell’s prepaid subscribers an easy-to-use interface based on Nuance speech technology for purchasing additional call units by using their credit card.


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